Nanni Copè Sabbie Di Sopra Il Bosco Terre Del Volturno IGT


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Nanni Copè Sabbie Di Sopra Il Bosco Terre Del Volturno is an exceptional dry red wine. Fresh and fruity in the mouth, with returns of minerality and an extraordinary dynamism. The tannins are silky, and the alcohol is perfectly integrated for a long finish.

It has great brightness with a surprising transparency, given the structure. It offers great flexibility at the table, serve with complex pasta dishes with red meat, or a perfect match with pork. It can be drunk now but will improve with age over the next 5 to 10 years. A complex nose, layered, moves from feelings of minerality and fresh flowers then develops a wide range of spices and red fruits.

The main grape is Pallagrello Nero, a late variety with a thick skin, characterized by ultra-fine tannins, which produce wines of strong personality. Wines made from this grape were served during prestigious luncheons and dinners held in Naples by the House of Bourbon. Aglianico contributes structure and acidity to the wine. Both varieties are complemented by a small share of Casavecchia from centuries old un-grafted vinestocks.

Produced in Castel Campagnano, in the upper region of Caserta in Campania. It has highly draining sandy soils and the Vigna Sopra il Bosco vineyard covers 6.2 acres at about 700 feet above sea level – 25% slopes with daily draughts, between the Taburno and Matese massifs and the sea (30 kilometeres away).

The entire process is aimed at pursuing maximum elegance. No over-ripening, no over-concentration, but only the purest expression of noble varieties, grown on soils that are perfectly suited for high-quality vine-growing.

Grape Varieties: Pallagrello Nero 90%, Aglianico 7%, Casavecchia 3%

Harvest: Row by row, sometimes plant by plant based on the maturation level from end of September to mid-October.

Vinification: Under constant temperature control, with, long macerations without stressing the cap, with only continuous pumping every three hours, for 16-18 days.

Maturation: For 13 months, followed by bottle ageing for about eight months.

Tasting Notes: Cohesive ruby red with a bright edge. Emblematic aromas of blueberries, berries, iris, lavender, juniper and bark embellished with graceful spices. Elegant, full bodied and extraordinarily well-balanced in smoothness, tannic weave, acidity and saline notes.

Alcohol Content: 13%



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