Frantoio Gargiulo Garlic Olive Oil


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Frantoio Gargiulo was established in 1849, in the surrounding hills of Sorrento. Their mill with stone grinder and manual press began its production activity, and with the introduction of new technologies in the production process over the centuries, Frantoio Gargiulo has not affected their link with tradition.  The control of the entire production chain and the careful selection of the raw material at source ensures a product with an inimitable taste that keeps intact its extraordinary organoleptic properties. The company has 2 hectares of olive groves.

Flavoured oils are a great thing to have in your larder to give dishes a distinctive tang. With the rich flavour of garlic, this garlic olive oil is the perfect accompaniment to any inspired dish. Try drizzled over cooked prawns, or roasted potatoes.

Size: 250mL


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