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Fiano is an ancient grape of Roman origins, and was named ‘latin’ to distinguish it from the grapes of Greek origins. Its name has evolved from its original name Apianus or Apiane, which in turn is linked to the ancient latin word for ‘bee’, as bees were fond of these grapes which ripened well and contained substantial amounts of sugar.

The Fiano vines at Donna Elvira are trellis trained, cane pruned (double branched guyot), with no de-budding but are given a green pruning to improve the canopy microclimate, reducing shoot density. Green harvesting is carried out to improve grape ripening.  The Grapes were cultivated by hand in Lapio where the soils are sandy & volcanic at an altitude of 350m above sea level.

Once at the vineyard, the grapes are partly destemmed, and then pressed softly. After that, the must is transferred into stainless steel tanks and maintained at a low temperature (about 16-18 °C), where fermentation occurs, and lasts about 20 days with no malolactic fermentation. It spends 5 months on lees, in the tank, and is racked twice during fermentation, and twice after fermentation. It is aged in the bottle for one month prior to release.

In the wine glass, the colour is straw yellow with green reflections and on the nose, the aroma is very elegant and reminiscent of citrus peel, quince, Williams Pear and yellow flowers. A bright acidity refreshes the ripe fruit flavours and keeps the soft, round mouthfeel in balance.

An ideal match with fish dishes, pasta with shellfish, vegetable risotto, white meats and mozzarella di bufala.

Alcohol: 13.5%


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