Wake Up & Smell The Kimbo!

Wake Up & Smell The Kimbo!

Think of Naples and your mind conjures up images of Vesuvius, Pizza Margherita, and of course Espresso Coffee.

Kimbo, a company which has been established for over 50 years by the Rubino brothers, started their business in their father’s bakery in Naples. Word soon spread that a delicious coffee was being produced, in a city in which the art of ‘café’ is like a religion. A coffee of such quality that could only be consumed in a bar, served by a barista, could now be enjoyed at home.

Like every good thing that is savoured in the Campania region, Kimbo’s popularity grew and today they are one of the major coffee brands in Italy.

Campania Wines have selected 2 ground coffee types for your delectation. The first is called Arabica Gold which is a 100% Arabica coffee from Central & South America. The flavour is a delicate and pleasant tasting coffee with a persistent crema.

The second is called Napoletano. If you want that authentic Neapolitan espresso coffee, then Kimbo Napoletano is for you. It’s as if you were transported to the Bar Gambrinus in Via Chiaia, the landmark 19th Century coffee house.

Both types of coffees are suitable for cafetieres, espresso machines, moka pots & coffee makers.


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