Marisa Cuomo Wines

In the coastal town of Furore on the Amalfi coast is located Marisa Cuomo’s vineyard.

The estate has been established since 1980 and occupies 10 hectares. The grapes of Marisa Cuomo grow on pergolas in the vineyards set on terraces that rise vertically at 500 metres over the sea of the Gulf of Salerno. Grapes that grow here, cling to the rock and are exposed to the sun and sea.

The wines are aged in an old wine cellar dug into the dolomitic-limestone rock.

Marisa Cuomo produces about 100,000 bottles a year. The grape varieties are indigenous of the Furore DOC zone: Falanghina and Biancolella are used to make Furore Bianco, while Per ‘e Palummo and Aglianico is used to make Furore Rosso.

This video which is in Italian gives you an amazing insight into the area of Furore, the importance of terrior, and the dedication that has made Marisa Cuomo wines win many awards.

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