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The traditional Limoncello of Sorrento is made according to an ancient family recipe and exclusively from the lemons produced locally, for which the Amalfi coast is famous. To many devotees, it’s an essential finishing touch to a Campanian meal.

An excellent digestif if served cold, Limoncello is also pleasing at room temperature, perhaps mixed with tonic water or champagne. Frequently it is also used on ice cream and fruit salads.

In Campania, where it is mainly produced, Limoncello is usually served at the end of lunch or dinner, almost like the social ritual of drinking coffee.

Tasting Notes: Intense green with yellow and white hues. A range of aromas evoking the different nuances from each element of the lemon (tree, flowers, peels and juice) enhanced by sweet notes and a perfectly balanced alcohol background. Smooth in the mouth with clean lemon flavors on the palate.

Size: 50 cl
Alcohol Content: 30%



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