Torrevigne Colleantico Aglianico


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The vineyards where Torrevigne Colleantico Aglianico grapes are grown is in Montefusco. A pretty  mountain village in the Avellino province, it overlooks the surrounding valleys of the Calore & Sabato rivers at 700 metres above sea level. In winter, the village gets its fair share of foggy days, and as the name Montefusco was derived from the Latin ‘Mons Fuscus’, foggy mountain, its’ an apt name to give to the village as it appears ghost like when you approach it, with its narrow streets and aristocratic villas adding to the eerie atmosphere.

The soil around Montefusco is volcanic, and the sun exposure, ideal for growing grapes slowly, get plenty of sunshine in the day, and benefitting from cooler temperatures at night.

The grapes are manually picked at the end of October, with vinification using cold maceration, gentle pressing, and controlled temperature for 14 days. The wine is then allowed to ferment for 3 months in stainless steel temperature controlled tanks, with a further month in the bottle.

The colour of the wine is ruby red with a spicy nose and balanced. Serve between 18-20 C, Torrevigne Colleantico Aglianico is a perfect match for a meaty tomato ragu’, and seasoned mature cheeses.

Alcohol: 12%