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Rummo Gluten Free Pasta, no compromise on taste or quality

Rummo’s gluten free linguine, prepared only with brown rice, GM-free raw white and yellow corn is just as delicious as traditional durum wheat pasta. As with the wheat pasta, the gluten free version is treated to the same high quality processes-the pasta is extruded though bronze dies to enhance every sauce.

The cooking technique is slightly different, but everyone will enjoy eating it, saving you the inconvenience of cooking two separate pans of pasta to accommodate the needs of a gluten-intolerant family member or guest.

It’s vital to cook gluten free pasta in a large pot of salted boiling water at a rolling boil. Once you’ve added the pasta, stir it occasionally until the water’s bubbling vigorously and starts to foam. Turn down the heat at this point & stir the pasta more frequently, keeping an eye on its colour so you can see when it’s lightened.

Test a piece to make sure it’s perfectly al dente then quickly remove the pan from the heat and drain off all the water. To complete the magic, rinse the pasta with warm water and toss in a little of our best Fattoria Terranova extra virgin olive oil – and hey presto! Delicious with a sauce of your choice and we challenge you to tell the difference between Rummo gluten free & regular pasta.

Ingredients: wholemeal rice (36%,) yellow corn (32.5%), white corn (20%), rice (8%), potato starch (3%), emulsifier: E471.

Size: 400g

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