Ocone ‘Plutone’ Piedirosso D.O.C.


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Ocone pioneered organic viticulture in the area, starting in 1984, and remain one of the most innovative Campanian wine producers.

Grape: 100% Piedirosso

Vineyard: These grapes come from southwest-facing vineyards at 200-400 metres above sea level, where the soils are mainly chalky. There were green harvests in July and August to reduce yields and increase concentration, and the grapes were picked by hand in late September and early October.

Vinification: The wine was fermented and matured in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats.

Tasting Notes: A characteristically juicy, fruit-driven style of Piedirosso, with heaps of summer berry aroma, a gentle texture in the mouth, and a lip-smacking finish.

Alcohol Content: 13%


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