Petrone Eulizia Natural Liquorice Liqueur


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Liquorice is a plant known and used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for its many health-giving properties. The root (Glycryrhiza Glabra) has been used in herbalism and traditional medicine for centuries. The main ingredient in such medicines used to treat those needing an emollient, expectorant, and digestive tonic from this amazing plant.

The liqueur is obtained from the infusion of liquorice root mixed with flavoured spirit and is an excellent digestive and thirst quencher when added with water.

Tasting notes: Dark brown in colour with persistent aromas of pure liquorice on the nose. An intense flavour with slightly bitter notes given by the root that sweeten at the end.

An ideal after meal drink, with an incredible taste and served chilled or over ice.

Alcohol: 25% ABV

Size: 50cL


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