Le Gemme Del Vesuvio Sun Dried San Marzano Tomatoes


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Le Gemme Del Vesuvio sundried San Marzano tomatoes sweet, yet sharp flavour  is an ideal ingredient to flavour several dishes, while on their own, they are perfect with a slice of bruschetta.
These sundried San Marzano are marinated in sunflower oil, garlic, chilli, oregano and white wine vinegar.

Gemme del Vesuvio tomatoes are prepared following traditional artisan methods and are picked at their ripest, and are then hand cut and laid out on long drying tables while the summer sunshine dries the tomatoes and concentrates the flavour.
Sundried tomatoes retain all the nutritional properties of fresh ones;  high in Lycopene, antioxidants, vitamin C and low in sodium, fat and calories.
Once opened, keep the tomatoes covered with oil in the fridge and consume within 14 days.

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