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The key to cooking the perfect al dente pasta is using bronze-extruded shapes. Pastas pushed through bronze moulds (as opposed to commercially smooth steel moulds) retain their shape longer during the cooking process and adhere to sauces better!

Pasta made with durum wheat semolina contains gluten which is the essential part of keeping the balance of water absorption during cooking and after it has been drained.

The gluten free pasta does not have this and so the absorption during cooking is not constant. During the last two minutes of cooking gluten free pasta the absorption tends to greatly increase.

If you are going to mix the pasta with a sauce you should generally try to drain it a minute before the cooking time is up.

It is best to not rely solely on the cooking time on the packaging but rather to keep checking so as to cook it to your taste.

Ingredients: Corn Flour 70%, Rice Flour 18%, Quinoa 3%, Corn Starch 3%, Stabiliser: E471

Energy: 353kcal/1493kJ

Dietary Information: Suitable for Coeliacs

Sale: Best Before Date-21st November 2015

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