Fantasia Napoletana Piennolo Vesuvio Tomato Fillets DOP


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The Piennolo del Vesuvio tomato is known for its unmistakable sweetness, and at the same time good acidity, peel consistency and great taste.

It is oval in shape, and it has a point at the base of the tomato. It’s thick skinned, with a firm flesh which means that the piennolo is ideally suited to long storage. As time passes, the piennolo tomato flavour intensifies. Piennolo tomatoes are hung in bunches or ‘piennolo’, for about a month or so, and then they are sliced & chopped & put into preserve jars.

The piennolo tomatoes benefit from the lava soils of the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, and only tomatoes grown here can be called Piennolo Vesuvio. And since 2009 it has been given DOP status.

Ideal as a simple tomato sauce which can be served with your favourite pasta shape.

Size: 580mL