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The name Falanghina seems to have derived from the fact that the vine due to its expansive growth pattern was tied to poles called ‘falanga’ so falanghina comes from ‘vines sustained on poles’.

Grape: 100% Falanghina

Soil Type: Found on higher ground, in rich soils of medium density in the Benevento area where its aromatic notes are reminiscent of tropical fruit.

The Vine: An ancient vine, which possibly formed the basis of the classic wine Falerno.

Harvest: The last days of September. The grapes are handpicked.

Vinification Process: Light pressing of the whole cluster, static clearing. Fermentation is partially carried out using indigenous yeast.

Tasting Notes: A wine not fully appreciated until a few years ago, now rediscovered due to its notable fragrance and freshness. Exotic fruits, citrus and white flowers. Bright acidity, and perfectly balanced. As a wine, Falanghina can have a slightly pine scent, but is better known for its citrus blossom aromas, in particular bitter orange. On the palate it typically shows classic apple and pear flavours, with spicy or mineral notes.

Alcohol Content: 13%


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