Donna Elvira Spumante Rose’


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“We bought our first lands in the sweet spot for these grapes: 400-450m above sea level, south-facing. We cleared the land of the boulders from the volcanic eruptions of Vesuvius and Vulture from the late Stone Age. We lovingly planted our first vines and spent the next ten years pruning, tying, cleaning them and more importantly, learning, the same way you learn when you have your first child.”

“Today,” he says, engagingly, “we are humble and proud to present the first wines that were made from our love of this land.”

Tony Fink, Owner Donna Elvira

Grape Variety: Aglianico

Vinification: Charmat method

The wine undergoes its primary fermentation in stainless steel vats, this creates a fruity still wine with low alcohol.
The wine is put into a stainless-steel tank to undergo its secondary fermentation, a mixture of yeast and sugar is then added which is called ‘tirage’ to induce the secondary fermentation, it is also when the bubbles appear and it becomes a sparkling wine.
The wine is then cooled to stop fermentation & filtered into another tank, which removes the dead yeast cells. No additional sugar is added. The wine is bottled under pressure.

Tasting Notes: Bright pink colour with fine bubbles. Intense nose with clear hints of pomegranate & violet. In the mouth it is elegant and balanced, animated by a lively freshness with a creamy effervescence.

Alcohol: 12%


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