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Anchovy Sauce From Cetara

During the ancient Greek colonisation of southern Italy 2500 years ago, coastal towns in which processing fish became popular, were called Taricheiai (in Greek) or Cetaria (in Latin). Near to Vietri Sul Mare is Cetara.  A small fishing village, where the ancient style of fish processing continues to this day by Delfino Battista.

Colatura di alici, with its unique aroma, can be used to give more flavour to fresh or boiled vegetables, soup and many fish dishes.

Colatura is a perfect sauce for a quick plate of spaghetti al dente. The reason for its popularity in Cetara is simple. Colatura allows you to have within minutes a full-fledged fish sauce that would have otherwise been an elaborate task. Why not try this recipe for Spaghetti With Colatura.

All Delfino products are chemical and additive free, so that quality and flavour are kept intact.

Size: 10cL
Ingredients: Salted Anchovy Extract, Salt



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