Delfino Capers In Sea Salt


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Delfino selects the best products from the land following age old recipes that have stood the test of time.

Capers in dry salt are far better than the ones in vinegar, which taste mainly of vinegar. The ones in salt are more flowery, more like flower buds, which is of course what capers are. All around the Mediterranean Sea, the caper plant, Capparis spinosa, spreads its long, spiny branches over rocks and opens beautiful white flowers with long purple stamens.

Capers are an essential component of the sweet and sour aubergine dish caponata.

Rinse in water to remove the salt, serve with drinks, add to salads, pasta dishes or pizzas or stir into sizzling hot butter and pour over pan fried fish.

Ingredients: Capers, Salt

Weight: 100g