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Italian flour is graded by colour sometimes called the ‘extraction rate’. It’s the rate to which the bran and the germ are extracted from the flour.  It is marked 00 to 04, where 00 is pure white and 04 is closer to wholemeal. English flour is graded by both colour (white, brown, wholemeal) and by gluten content, or strength (plain, strong, extra strong) & we believe that the stronger the flour, the better the bread.  All else being equal, stronger flour makes bread that rises higher and has a more evenly textured crumb.

Since 1924 Molino Caputo has always sought to preserve and improve upon the great tradition of Neapolitan flour and its products, from pizza to desserts, from bread-making to pasta. Following tradition and respecting its values: from the wheat mixture, the purity of their flours – always additive-free – and making a simple but high quality product.

Simply put, Caputo makes the world’s best pizza & pasta flour. The mill is family run and operates just outside of Naples. Caputo source the finest grains from around the world and they know how to mill and blend them to make the perfect pizza flour.

Caputo Pizza Flour ‘Red’ is ‘rinforzata’ which means that is higher in protein, gluten content and water absorption than other 00 flours.

This is ideal for long-rise dough, giving a soft texture. Perfect for pasta, pastry, speciality breads and of course pizza.

Caputo “00” rinforzata is additive free and all-natural, milled slowly for optimal water absorption and a superior yield.

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