Cantina Di Tufo Corteregia Aglianico


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Cantina di Tufo is owned by father and son, Gianni and Michele La Marca. The La Marca family have been winemakers in the Neapolitan area since the 1950’s and manage all aspects of the production from harvesting to winemaking and bottling. Aglianico is a very ancient grape variety introduced in Italy by the Greeks in the 7th or 6th century B.C.. It is a great classic of lrpinia’s vine viticulture, today it is considered one of the most important red wines in national production.

Aglianico Corteregia is a classic Aglianico: a full-bodied red with soft tannins and good acidity to give it structure. On the palate, you will find red fruits and black cherry, and, when aged, liquorice notes.

Alcohol: 12.5%


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