Kimbo Espresso Napoli Ground Coffee

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If you want that authentic Neapolitan strong espresso, then Kimbo Espresso Napoli is for you. An intense flavour, long lasting crema, it’s what Neapolitan coffee is all about.

Perfect for use in cafetieres, espresso machines, moka pots & filter machines. Vacuum packed to seal in the freshness.

Store the coffee in an airtight container made of glass, ceramic or a non-reactive metal as soon as possible in a cool dark cupboard. Avoid warm areas such as cupboards next to ovens.

Intensity 6/6     Richness 5/6      Sweetness 5/6      Length 6/6      Body 6/6

Size: 250g

Please note that Kimbo Espresso Napoletano has had a brand refresh, and is now being called Kimbo Espresso Napoli. Still the great strong taste of Kimbo Napoletano, but in packaging. 

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Weight 0.250 kg

1 review for Kimbo Espresso Napoli Ground Coffee

  1. Luigi Di Caprio

    Great coffee!

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