Autore Cioccolato Assorted Croccantino Bars Covered In Dark Chocolate


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Located in San Marco dei Cavoti in Benevento province, is a picturesque village that is about one hundred kilometres from Naples, for more than a century, people have dedicated themselves into making handmade chocolate products.

Autore’s products come from an old tradition of handcrafted chocolate treats using selected ingredients. They make traditional specialties of the Campania region, but also create new recipes rich in freshness and originality.

Campania Wines has chosen for your delectation, a selection, of what we believe is a fine representation of the products that make Autore’s chocolates so special.

The Classic Croccantino is a traditional product that has been handcrafted in San Marco dei Cavoti for over a century. Using Mortarella hazelnuts from Avellino, round roman hazelnuts from Viterbo, and almonds from Bari, they are caramelized and covered with fine dark chocolate.

Flavours include:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Croccantino with caramelised almonds & hazelnuts.  The original croccantino.                                                                                                                    Croccantino with honey & raisins. A variation of the classic croccantino, which combines honey from the Benevento hills and raisins.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Croccantino with honey & white figs from the Cilento region of Campania. The white fig of the Cilento region is a product which has Protected Geographical Designation.
Mint with almond paste & mint. Dark chocolate has always found in mint a great flavouring partner. Autore use a sweet almond paste to create a delicious, rich filling for a traditional product. Coconut – coconut paste, using coconuts from Indonesia, and 62% cacao.
Gianduja – hazelnut paste. The Gianduja is one of the most prestigious symbols of the tradition of chocolate making in Italy and is appreciated internationally. Gianduja coffee – hazelnut paste with coffee and hazelnuts, Chocolate and Neapolitan coffee. The simple flavours are always the best.

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Best Before Date: September 2020

Gluten Free