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The entire range of Alberti products is made with selected raw materials of the finest quality. They personally and carefully supervise the processing of the chocolate and other ingredients to ensure a unique taste.

Producer of the famous Strega “Witch’s Liqueur” for more than 150 years, has also successfully given itself to the production of the both nougat and chocolate. Benevento is the traditional home of “torrone” nougat: an ancient, sweet specialty produced using only the finest ingredients such as Millefiori honey, almonds and hazelnuts from Campania. Different recipes and baking techniques vary the consistency of the torrone, therefore they can produce traditional, crumbly yet crunchy torrone, as well as the softer torrone which melt in your mouth. Alberti pride themselves on the extremely high quality of their ingredients, worked into the best torrone and chocolate with skill and passion by the expert hands of the torrone masters: Alberti still uses artisan methods today…this is why their torrone, cakes and chocolates are so good.

An assortment of small, soft torrone (Strega, lemon, chocolate, coffee and vanilla covered with dark chocolate and white chocolate), made with a careful selection of the finest almonds, honey and chocolate; creating a time honoured tradition and an irresistible after dinner treat.

Ingredients: Sugar, Almonds, Honey, Cocoa, Cocoa Butter, Glucose Syrup, Skimmed Milk Powder, Pistachios, Egg Albumen, Fat Milk Solids, Coffee (0.2%), Emulsifier: Soy Lecithin, Flavours, Natural Flavours, Natural Flavour (Aromatic Plant Distillates). Cocoa min: 51% in Chocolate. May contain nuts. Gluten Free.

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Best Before: End Of July 2022

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