Neapolitan Pastiera Cake

Neapolitan Pastiera Cake

Neapolitan Pastiera is the traditional cake eaten at Easter. The story of its origins have been lost. Some believe it was a cake used in pagan practices to celebrate the start of Spring.

Another theory for the origin of pastiera cake, was that it was an ancient ceremonial wedding cake served at wealthy Roman weddings.

The ‘modern’ pastiera was probably a Neapolitan convent creation in which the cake symbolised Christ’s Resurrection. Ingredients from the convent’s garden was used to create the pastiera: perfume of the flowers from the orange tree, wheat, ricotta cheese, eggs (symbol of new life), fragrant water, candied fruit and Far Eastern spices. Traditionally the pastiera is prepared no later than Maundy Thursday or Good Friday, to ensure that all the aromas are given time to blend to create a unique and unmistakable flavour to be enjoyed on Easter Sunday.

Here at Campania Food & Wine we’ve brought together a ready-made pastiera cake kit from Chirico for you to make enough for 10 portions. All you need to add are ricotta, eggs and butter.

The history of Chirico dates back to 1895, when Luciano Chirico, a landowner from Agro Caleno in the province of Caserta, started to make flour. In the following years the company specialized in the processing of cooked cereals and in particular of the sweet-baked wheat, traditionally used for the Neapolitan pastiera.

In 2008 Chirico gradually introduced new food products that followed the logic of simplicity and tradition, according to the principle “Looking to the past to eat better in the future”.

To purchase the pastiera kit and follow the recipe click the link below. Buon appetito!